Coaching When You Need it Most, Now!



Many small business owners don’t necessarily have a lot of expendable cash on hand to spend on business coaching. What a lot of people don’t know is that business coaching actually makes you money. Even if you don’t have the cash, sometimes to schedule, sitting down and start up a zoom call in order for you to have a coaching session can also be a big step.

I want to make that step smaller by providing business leaders with on-demand coaching.

Sometimes you need access to your business coach right now. Have a question, issue or idea you need insight from an experienced business coach? With Wingman Coaching, a monthly subscription gets you access to your business coach during business hours* when you need it. Call, email or text and have a quick conversation to get perspective and insight or advice right away.

Here's how it works...

1. Complete the onetime onboarding process which includes a short discovery call. Start that process below.

2. After you discovery call, complete you registration with a $149 monthly subscription that you can cancel any time.  

3. You now have up to 1 hour of on-demand talk time with your coach.

How to talk to your coach...

1. Simply text the Maverick Coach and request a call within a certain time frame.*

Example: “Hey this is Beth A. Can I get a call before 5pm PST today? I have a marketing issue.”

2. You get a call back.

Alternatively, you can email your question or topic and request either a reply or call back for further discussion.

If the topic requires more time for clarity and depth, you always have the option to schedule a full session at a special Wingman discount. (25% off)

*Wingman Coaching hours are Monday -Friday 9am -7pm Central.


What are some things I can get coaching for?

Here are just a few things…
StoryBrand Marketing Framework
Business Finances
Management & Execution
Leadership/Personal Development
Staffing & Team
In addition there are other resources available for you such as, Small Business Flight Plan & Flight School- a 6 month course to take you through all the business disciplines.

Do I have to use the hour at one time?

Absolutely NOT. You can break it up into several short calls over the month.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Nope. you can cancel anytime and finish that month.

What if I don't use the entire hour? Does it roll over to the next month?

Unfortunately it will not roll over to the next month. So be sure and use your hour up.

Can I just email you?

Of course. If you email for coaching purposes and request an email reply, that will use 15 minutes of your talk time for that month.

Pick a day and time to schedule your free discovery call.

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